The industry survey IR Nordic Markets 2020 has started. Results in November.


We continuously measure and integrate the situation with COVID-19 in all our studies. We are industry experts in planning and conducting continuous research in Investor Relations. We can quickly produce valuable information for you and deliver within a day.

Please contact us about how we can assist based on your specific needs!

Below are examples of what we are doing right now.

Pulse measurements on the situation among analysts, media, shareholders and investors. We take the temp through 3-6 questions where the results are delivered within a few days.

Customized studies: What do you need to know right now? From your own customers, suppliers, investors and others. We conduct in-depth interviews and web surveys on a continuous basis.

The industry study IR Nordic Markets 2020 will be extra important given the situation and we will have relevant questions based on the autumn’s situation.

Employees in critical situations and post-crisis. We collaborate with crisis management specialists and can both ask the right questions and write recommendations for managing the results. We can also work with your own crisis management specialist to make the questions as relevant as possible for your organization.

About IR Nordic Markets

IR Nordic Markets: In 2019, 90 companies were evaluated in the IR Nordic Markets study. More than 600 answers were collected from Sell-side analysts and investors predominantly based in the Nordics, UK and US.

The survey includes over 20 criteria, from evaluation of IR reporting to the perception of top management’s IR competence. The results and the ranking were published on November 25th.

The IR Nordic Markets report provides a complete IR evaluation with benchmarking, open commentary, development over time, most important to improve and attitude to investment.

In the short term, working with Regi’s reports will enable you to prioritize and focus on the right IR activities and thereby improve your communication with the market. In the long term, this will contribute to a more correct evaluation of the stock price which would be beneficial for your company and shareholders.

The IR Nordic Markets Study is an indispensable tool for quality control and development, and many companies purchase an annual report including valuable feedback collected from analysts and investors. We provide vital insights that facilitates quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Moreover; Regi is a solid partner when it comes to crucial research, for instance:

– before and after Quarterly Reports
– before and after Capital Market Days
– if a crisis or special situation demands qualitative information fast
– for special needs such as evaluating brand equity, perception and more

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!