IR Nordic Markets: More than 1000 company specific evaluations have been collected from mid August to October 2017. This has been done through an internet based survey and telephone interviews with Sell-side analysts predominantly based in the Nordics, UK and US.

Seen to the overall grades in the study, Continuous Information and Openness (Top Management) have declined somewhat in comparison with 2016 study. The average grades for Finnish companies included in the study have increased. Norwegian companies are best in general and Swedish companies included in the study hold the lowest grades in general.

This does not mean grades are poor – apart from a couple of examples. Nordic listed companies’ IR-functions hold a very high standard in general. According to analysts we’ve interviewed, Nordic companies in general are very good at IR. Having conducted the study for 20 years now, we can see many things have changed – for example that proficiency in IR is an imperative for listed companies.

The Analyst Perception Study is a valuable tool for quality control and development, many companies purchase an annual report including valuable feedback collected from analysts and investors. Regi provides valuable insights for your IR-function’s quality assurance and continuous improvement efforts.

Moreover; Regi is a solid partner when it comes to crucial research, for instance:

– before and after Quarterly Reports
– before and after Capital Market Days
– if a crisis or special situation demands qualitative information fast
– for special needs such as evaluating brand equity, perception and more

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